Tracks by Elvis Presley

Track: Mary In the Morning

BPM: 96

Track: Way Down

BPM: 149

Track: White Christmas

BPM: 93

Track: Who Am I?

BPM: 91

Track: American Trilogy - Live

BPM: 90

Track: Dirty, Dirty Feeling

BPM: 132

Track: Kentucky Rain

BPM: 106

Track: Memories

BPM: 88

Track: Just A Little Bit

BPM: 127

Track: Tell Me Why

BPM: 77

Track: The Sound of Your Cry

BPM: 91

Track: Instrumental (Unknown)

BPM: 169

Track: Fever

BPM: 122

Track: Girl Happy

BPM: 97

Track: Lead Me, Guide Me

BPM: 126

Track: Words - Rehearsal

BPM: 94

Track: Almost Always True

BPM: 106

Track: I Need You So

BPM: 77

Track: She's Not You

BPM: 115

Track: Little Mama - Live

BPM: 127

Track: Look Out, Broadway

BPM: 122

Track: Oh Happy Day - Rehearsal

BPM: 69

Track: Blue Christmas

BPM: 95

Track: It's Only Love

BPM: 174

Track: Do The Clam

BPM: 129

Track: Rags to Riches - Take 2

BPM: 114

Track: Early Morning Rain - Live

BPM: 103

Track: Words - Opening Night

BPM: 100

Track: You'll Never Walk Alone

BPM: 78

Track: Blue Christmas

BPM: 95

Track: Snowbird

BPM: 107

Track: Never Ending

BPM: 120

Track: Down In the Alley

BPM: 117

Track: Tomorrow Is A Long Time

BPM: 108

Track: Good Rockin' Tonight

BPM: 173

Track: I Was the One

BPM: 80

Track: Stuck on You

BPM: 132

Track: After Loving You - Take 4

BPM: 121

Track: Are You Lonesome Tonight?

BPM: 111

Track: Hard Headed Woman

BPM: 98

Track: Reconsider Baby - Live

BPM: 115

Track: Crawfish

BPM: 120

Track: Let Yourself Go

BPM: 122

Track: My Baby Left Me

BPM: 118

Track: Do You Know Who I Am

BPM: 89

Track: Swing Down Sweet Chariot

BPM: 125